Some things never change…do they?

We had waited for it to come, almost forever. Working our asses off, printouts, photocopies, notaries…endless discussions, submissions and then the wait…

It finally came. The Visa.

And I assumed, wrongly, that all is fine in our little world. Those frowns, those sad little talks, that stress is over. His mood will improve, the love though always there will be more free, no more fights, no more silent tears shed into the pillow night after night.

But no. It wasn’t so. Some things don’t change. Like the fact that a person’s nature doesn’t change. A worrier is a worrier for life. 

A self-absorbed prick is a prick no matter what.

Love in the heart is all rite, but I want him to carry it on his sleeve. I wasn’t born romantic, he made me one. I might be cursed for life for having high expectations.

I shed silent tears again, hoping against hope that my decision is right. That he is the one for me. I have to make it work. I’m in love, no matter what.

This relationship may be a boon or just doomed. I have to carry on.


#Iamsomiddleclass I wear bata flip flips at home and Tommy Hilfiger outside

#Iamsomiddleclass I put out all the fancy shampoos/creams/lotions on display in the bathroom when friends are coming over

#Iamsomiddleclass I save Zara shopping bags to be used sparingly 

#Iamsomiddleclass I only travel to UK (Uttarkhand), never to UK (United Kingdom)

I actually have no work. I’m sick of Facebook stalking people. And I have finally started a blog, for the second time in life. I hope I don’t forget thr password.